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Training of Personnel

We are happy to offer our customers Training Programmes for their personnel, whether it be for individual elements of a particular standard or a fully structured training course for specific needs. As part of our consultancy activity we normally include the necessary training required to meet the standard concerned.

Key Benefits

  • Structured Training to meet individual company need
  • Qualified instructors
  • High standards of presentation and course information


We can provide training for each of the standards for which we offer consultancy and to arrange courses for Internal Auditor Training to meet the requirements for these standards. We do not offer IRCA or EARA accredited courses but are happy to advise on suitable providers for these courses. From time to time we arrange courses, normally 1 day seminars, to update clients and their staff on the changing needs of the standards. This becomes very pertinent with the revision of all standards progressively toward Annex SL format.

In-House Training

Our Instructors will formulate and provide the materials and equipment to train your personnel in the requirements of a particular standard. We have OHP, LCD Projectors and all necessary equipment. All we require is a suitable room, provision of some light refreshments where necessary and un-interrupted participation of your selected staff.

Off-Site Training

We provide the same facilities as above, but also arrange a suitable venue, and refreshments at reasonable cost per head. In many respects this is more beneficial as it does inevitably give less interruptions and better attention by the personnel.

Internal Auditor Training Courses

These are organized on a supply and demand basis. When we have sufficient client’s personnel to run these courses, they are carried out at a suitable venue, local to the client and with all the necessary course materials and certification for your training records.

The course is not IRCA registered but covers all the elements required by them. Your personnel will have an in-depth knowledge of the requirements of the relevant standard and be capable of conducting audits. These courses are 1 day duration, please ask for details of current costs. We are also happy to provide the staff to carry out this function for other Training Companies.

Awareness Training

As part of our normal client development we provide training for all personnel to give Awareness of the requirements of the system and standard we are installing. We also extend this facility to other customers and can provide such training on an ad hoc basis as demand requires.

Health & Safety Training - IOSH Approved courses / First Aid / Mannual Handling

We are happy to recommend the courses offered by our associates Penarth Management Limited or Safety Services, these are registered with IOSH and offer clients certification as required by various statutory requirements.

Food Safety Course

For these requirements we recommend our associates Diplock Safety & Hygiene Ltd. They run bespoke courses for individual clients or public courses to suit a range of industries. Courses are HSE or CIEH accredited. Contact them at and mention the source of the recommendation.

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